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Honda Lawn Mower Fuel Shut Off Valve Position – With pics

By: Author John Cunningham. Published: 2018/12/08 at 1:04 pm

A fuel valve is not fitted to all mowers but is fitted to all Honda mowers. The valve is also known as a gas valve, gas tap, fuel flow valve, petrol valve, gas shut off valve, gas shut off the tap – you get the idea.

So, where is the Honda lawn mower valve positioned? The Honda walk-behind mower fuel valve is fitted below the gas filler cap beside the black square air filter cover.

The nice people in Japan put a sticker on the engine cover to show the gas on and off position.

This post should have you covered, but if you need video help, check out “Turn gas on and off video.” The mower repair video library also includes other helpful Honda troubleshooting and maintenance videos.

How to Use it?

It’s a tap. You know what to do: turn counterclockwise for on and clockwise for off. When left unused, they can become stiff, though. 

What’s it Do?

It allows the operator to block the flow of gas from the gas tank to the carburetor. All Honda mowers are fitted with one. Some are plastic and are fitted in the gas line. Others are built into the carburetor.

On some of the older Honda mowers, the fuel valve is built into the on/off control lever, so fuel is automatically shut off.

Where – The Honda Fuel Valve is found on the right side of the engine, as viewed from the front of the mower.

When to Use it?

The valve should be used when the mower isn’t in use. Ideally, after you’ve mowed the lawn, the gas should be shut off until the next use.

This takes the load off the carburetor float needle and prevents fuel evaporation and gas leaks. It’s also good practice to shut the gas off before transporting the mower in a car or trailer.

The constant bumping around would otherwise cause gas to flood the engine. This usually results in a no-start. Turn the gas off before making repairs, tune-ups, blade sharpening, cleaning, or anytime you need to turn your Honda mower over. 

Turning Your Honda Over

Before you turn your Honda mower over, you first need to make it safe. To do this, turn the gas off and remove the plug wire. This will prevent the mower from starting, and you get to keep your fingers.

Honda mowers need to be turned over with the carburetor side up. That’s the side with the air filter. This prevents gas from spilling from the carburetor onto the air filter.

When gas spills onto the air filter, it prevents the engine from getting the right amount of air. This usually causes poor running and black smoke. This is a common complaint. The fix is simple: replace the filter, no harm done.

Gas On – Fuel valve in the on position.

Gas Off – Fuel valve in the off position.

Turn Over – Always carburetor side up.

Related Questions

Common Honda lawn mower problems? Honda mowers are very reliable. Some of the more common wear and tear complaints include:

  • Blocked carburetor
  • Drive Cable adjustment
  • Tire wear
  • Seized deck height adjusters
  • Bent crankshafts
  • Deck corrosion

How to drain gas from a Honda lawn mower?

  1. Locate gas line
  2. Remove the gas line from the gas valve
  3. Drain the gas into a container
  4. Refit gas line
  5. Drain the fuel bowl
  6. Fill with fresh gas