John Deere tractor mower

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As a kid, after school and on my summer holidays, I worked with my uncles and my father in the family business. My father ran his own garage which included; Gas station; Car retail showrooms; Auto collision repair shop; Paint shop; Parts retail; Auto servicing; Auto detailing; Classic car refurbishing.

The workshop was an exciting place, there was always something new going on, always great characters around staff and customers. As a kid I thought this was magic. So I knew from about eight years old what I wanted to do, “I was hooked”.

I worked in all parts of the family business, but I really liked the mechanical side the most. A workshop in those days was full on. Engines and transmissions were rebuilt not replaced. I qualified as a mechanic in 1993 and I also hold a certificate of competence in international road transport.

I live in a small town in Virginia, Co Cavan Ireland with my highly organized wife Tara and two children Holly and Rogan, four cats Lilly, Oreo, Crackers, Kev and pony Sugar.

When Holly was born we moved from the city to a house on some land. I built a full working workshop for classic car refurbishing projects, however as neighbors realized I was a mechanic, my workshop quickly filled with broken tractor mowers, quads, dirt bikes, chain saws you name it.

John Deere tractor mower

In 2013 I was offered an opportunity to work for GM Canada, and since I’m a gear-head and love travelling, I jumped at it. I worked with GM for a few years and have hours of GM technical training.

I also as recently as 2014 sat the Automotive Service Technicians Exam (Canada) – “Red Seal Journey-person Certificate of Qualification” and passed scoring over 90%.

Over the Canadian winters I learned how to build websites, just for giggles, and it wasn’t long before I married my love of mechanics to a “How to” website.

I’ve since built three sites in the mechanical “How to” space, ATV/dirt bike repair site, Classic car site and

When I’m not refurbishing classic cars or writing mechanical “How to’s “, I fly (Crash & repair) drones, dirt bike, fish and shoot field archery.

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John Cunningham is an Automotive Technician and writer on I've been a mechanic for over twenty years, I use my knowledge and experience to write "How to" articles that help fellow gear-heads with all aspects of mechanical repairs, from lawn mowers to classic cars.