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This site was started in 2018, it's a free tool for anyone who's inquisitive, wants to fix, tune-up or care for their own lawn equipment. The posts are simply written using plain English and lot's of pictures. You won't need any previous mechanical knowledge, just basic tools and a strong will.

All the how-to posts have been written by John Cunningham, he's a certified mechanic with over twenty years experience.

On this site you'll find lots of helpful "How to" posts on: walk behind lawn mower; self drive mower; tractor mower. It's also packed with lawnmower random questions, repair hacks, tips, and recommended mower, tools and equipment.

Happy Hunting!

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John Cunningham is an Automotive Technician and writer on Lawnmowerfixed.com. I've been a mechanic for over twenty years, I use my knowledge and experience to write "How to" articles that help fellow gear-heads with all aspects of mechanical repairs, from lawn mowers to classic cars.