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Best Torque Wrench For Lawn Mower Blades

There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing a torque wrench. So before you pick one, take a minute to check out why I think the Teng is the right one for you.


So, what's the best Torque wrench for lawn mower blades? I use Teng Tools 1/2 torque wrench, covers fastener tightening from 10-150 ft. lb. range. It's strong, reliable and I've owned it trouble-free for years.


When choosing a torque wrench, the first consideration is what range do I need? Most lawnmower blades bolts are torqued in 30-100 ft. lbs. range.


You could buy that one, but I think the bigger torque wrench is a smarter buy.


The 30-150 ft. lb. is perfect for automotive maintenance too. Even if you just use it to torque your truck wheels, the greater range offers way more flexibility with little change in price. 


Torque Wrench Buying Checklist

Torque wrench's are not just for the Pro's, the days of tightening a nut or bolt by feel or guessing is over. The calibrated thumb is dead!


The cost of these type specialized tools have come way down, so now it makes sense to own one. Especially as we all know that sickening feeling when you over-tighten a bolt and pull the threads or break the bolt. That can be an expensive lesson, I still remember learning that one.


So what do you need in a torque wrench? I'm a mechanic and I've have been using them for years, here's a list of what's important, in no particular order.

  • Flexible Working Range
  • All Metal Body
  • Certified Accuracy
  • Ratcheting Head
  • Stamped Easy Read Scale
  • Solid Haptic & Audible Click 
  • Hatched Metal Handle
  • Angle Measuring Head
  • Solid Storage Case

No Torque Wrench=Possible Engine Damage

Using a Torque wrench on your mower blade is important, you already know this. Most people think that the blade bolt needs to be dead tight, this of course is wrong and can lead too the loss of the engine.


The blade Boss is an alloy block fitted between the blade and the crankshaft, it has two locating pins which help mount the blade, but more impotently their job is to shear off if the blade hits something solid like a curb. 


The blade is designed to slip and shear the pins under these conditions, that's why the correct torque is so important.


Tightening the blade bolt dead tight using guesswork won't allow the blade the critical amount of movement, and so instead your crankshaft bends - engine damaged beyond economic repair.


Why Teng Is My Favorite

First off it's made of alloy - no plastic bits to break. The measurement scale is in ft. lbs., on the opposite side it's measured in Nm. The scale is stamped into the barrel, so it's not going to wear away, and I can read them clearly.

The ratchet head has a degree measurement tool built in, traditionally this would be a separate tool altogether. You'll use this feature when torqueing down cylinder head bolts on mowers, cars or trucks. The spec sheet might say, torque the head bolts to 100 ft. lbs. and on the 2nd pass, torque to 90°.

Comes with a solid plastic case and a detailed instruction sheet. The Teng torque wrench comes with a lifetime warranty, thankfully I've never had a problem with my. wrench and it gets a lot of use.

Most of all I like how the Teng (link to Amazon) feels, it's a quality tool, you can tell by holding it. You'll notice how confident and definite the action is when it reaches the click.

Torque Wrench Care

This is a precision bit of kit, so dropping it on the ground like you would a hammer is going to knock it out of calibration. Although the torque wrench is not unlike a ratchet, it's very definitely not a ratchet, using it to loosen any nuts & bolts will damage it.

I clean it after every use, I store mine on a shelf where I can grab it real fast. Come winter, I'll put it away in its hard case, before I do, I'll spray it with wd40.

Return the Torque wrench to the bottom of the scale range when it's not in use. This relieves the tension on the components.

The tool requires calibration every year when working it professionally, but as an occasional user you won't need to.

Don't use the wrench at the very top or bottom of it's range, it will be less accurate.

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Torqued Up

  • 10-150 ft. lbs.
  • 1/2 Drive
  • All Metal
  • Torque & Degree Gauge
  • Accuracy +/- 4%
  • Lifetime Warranty
Torque wrench adjusting


Unlock your Teng torque wrench by turning the lock to the left.
Torque wrench adjusting Torque wrench

Twist n Adjust

Adjust the wrench to the closest required measurement on the main shaft scale.

Then use the handle scale to adjust to exact specification needed.

Each mark on the twist handle is 1 ft lbs.

When set, lock the torque wrench using the handle lock.

Torque wrench is now ready for work.

Torque your fastener, using even steady pressure.

A solid click indicates the correct torque achieved.

Related Questions

Can you use a torque wrench as a ratchet? Yes, you can use it like you would a ratchet, but you must not use it to open tight fasteners, this can damage the torque wrench.



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