B&S Surging Tools

The tools and repair kit on this page will help you fix your classic Briggs and Stratton engine from the dreaded surging. I have listed a few other tools that would make life easier for you but they’re not strictly necessary.

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Stabil Fuel stabiliser

Mix this with the gas when winterising your small engine. Gas isn't what it used to be, it goes stale, in some cases after just one month. Bad gas causes gumming and that's a carburettor killer. Stabiliser will save you money and stress in the long run.

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Carburettor cleaner

When cleaning your carburettor you'll need this stuff. Gumming is a sticky substance that's hard to shift. The carb cleaner will remove it, however if your carb is really bad, save yourself some work, go ahead and buy a new carburettor. Picture links to Amazon.com

Oil extractor

You'll find this tool really useful if you need to drain the gas tank, and you will if the gas is stale. The siphon will remove it without fuss or mess and it can be used for extracting the oil too. Picture links to Amazon.com

Carburettor cleaners

You'll find these nylon brushes super useful when it comes time to clean those tiny passageways of the carburettor and jet. Use these in conjunction with the WD Carb cleaner. Picture links to Amazon.com

Tool Set

Before we can do anything, we'll need tools. I've selected this set as I own some Craftsman tools and while I have broken them, they did do a lot of work. So I expect this set will last the occasional user quite a long time.

This set carries both metric and standard sockets and that's important, because some mowers will have both type of fastener sizes. Picture links to Amazon.com

B&S Manifold Pipe

The manifold crossover pipes are made from plastic and as the they get older they can become brittle. A cracked pipe will cause the engine to surge also. There are a few different types, so check the mounting face before ordering. Picture links to Amazon.com

Carb Kit

Why not treat her to a new carburettor, gasket, plug and air filter, change the oil and she's had a full tune-up. Picture links to Amazon.com.

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