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Snowblower Component Location

By: Author John Cunningham. Published: 2023/06/30 at 11:07 am

This page lists snowblower components likely to require some repair or maintenance. I’ve listed the component’s location and the typical repair needed, including a link to the repair.


Where is the Auger on a Snowblower?


The auger is located out front of your snowblower. They are the business end of moving snow. The rotating auger feeds snow into the impeller for processing.

Common auger repairs – Augers are durable, and auger-related symptoms usually point to a belt issue.

You can troubleshoot auger problems right here – Auger troubleshooting

Where is the Auger Belt on a Snowblower?

Drive belts

The auger belt is located between the engine and the bin. It may be accessed by removing the belt cover or by removing the belly pan under the wheel axle.

Common auger belt repairs – Auger belts may need adjustment and should be replaced every five years.

I’ve covered auger system diagnosis in this post – Auger belt condition check

Where is the Auger Belt Tensioner on a Snowblower?

The auger belt tensioner is located between the engine and the bin. It may be accessed by removing the belt shield between the engine and the auger bin.

Common auger tensioner repairs – Auger tensioner pulleys wear out and become noisy, and tensioner arms require adjustment.

I’ve covered auger system diagnosis in this post – Auger belt condition check

Where is the Carburetor on a Snowblower?

engine covers

The carburetor is typically located on the left side of the engine when viewed from the operator’s position.

Common carburetor repairsCarburetor cleaning is the main repair a carburetor requires. Float needle replacement is common also.

Typically you can’t view the carburetor without first removing some plastic shields; I’ve covered the process here in this post – Remove snowblower carburetor

Snowblower carburetor

Carburetors often need cleaning, so makers fit a gas bowl drain feature for easy cleaning.

Where is the Carburetor Bowl on a Snowblower?

Snow blower carb bowl

The carburetor bowl is located at the base of the carburetor. It is a fuel reservoir that also helps trap dirt, so it must be removed and cleaned when fuel contamination is suspected.

Common bowl repairs – Bowl and jet/fastener cleaning and bowl o-ring seal replacement are common.

I’ve covered that process right here – Carburetor gas bowl cleaning.

Carburetor gas bowl cleaning

Where is the Choke on a Snowblower?

Choke On and Off

Choke controls are generally located close to the carburetor, but on more spendy models, they may be located on the driver’s console at the handlebars. To identify the choke, look out for the symbol (see image) or the word “Coke.”

Common choke repairs – Remotely fitted choke systems often require cable adjustment.

I cover choke use in post – Choke – how and when to use it.

Where is the Coil on a Snowblower?

The coil, also known as the armature, is located behind the blower housing.

Snowblower Engine-blow-up
Snowblower Ignition system overview

We’ll need to remove the recoil assembly and the blower housing to access the coil.

Common coil repairs – Coils work hard and eventually just fail. They can’t be repaired but are easily replaced.

I’ve covered testing and replacing a snowblower coil in these posts –

Where is the Drive Belt on a Snowblower?


The drive belt is located between the engine and the auger bin. You can access it from two locations: remove the pulley shield or remove the belly pan.

Common drive belt repairs – Mostly just belt replacement.

I’ve covered drive system repairs in this post – Drive system diagnosis

Where is the Drive Belt Tensioner on a Snowblower?


The drive belt and tensioner are located at the engine crankshaft and are only visible and accessible by first removing the belt shield, which is located between the engine and the bin.

Common drive belt tensioner repairs – Adjustment and pulley replacement.

I’ve covered drive system diagnosis in this post – Drive system diagnosis

Where is the Fuel Filter on a Snowblower?

Fuel filters come in many flavors; in-line and tank integrated are popular, so too are bottle-type filters.

Gas line filter

No matter the filter type, you’ll find it by following the fuel line from the gas tank to the carburetor.

Common fuel filter repairs – Cleaning and replacement.

Where is the Fuel Tap on a Snowblower?

Snow blower Gas off

The fuel tap, or gas/fuel valve, is generally located close to the carburetor. On some models, the fuel tap is carburetor integrated.

Common fuel tap repairs – Replacement due to gas leak.

Gas tap – How to use it

Where is the Impeller on a Snowblower?


The impeller is located at the back of the bin. Both augers feed it snow, and its job is to throw it out the chute.

Common impeller repairs – Bearing greasing and replacement.

Where is the Oil Dipstick on a Snowblower?

Engine oil dipsticks are easy to identify. They are usually brightly colored and or employ an oil symbol or the word “Oil.” You’ll find them in an easy-to-access location.

Common engine oil repairs – Topping up oil, oil changes, replacing oil seals.


Engine oil level is critical and should be checked before every use. You check out how to do precisely that right here – Oil – checking level

Where is the Pull Start Assembly on a Snowblower?

Pull start engine

The pull starter assembly is located at the front t of the engine at the crankshaft. It is conveniently located so the operator can easily access the starter pull handle.

Common pull cord repairs – Cord replacement, recoil replacement, pawl replacement, shear key replacement.

You can troubleshoot common pull starter problems right here – Pull cord faults video

Where is the Scraper Bar on a Snowblower?

The Scraper bar is located at the bin’s base and is employed to clean the snow the auger missed and protect the bin from wear. Allowing a bin to scrape the ground constantly causes it to wear away.

Ideally, scraper bars should not scrape the ground but instead come close to it. That said, some scraper bar-to-ground contact is inevitable, as is wear.


Common scraper bar repairs – Adjusting and replacement.

For that reason, scraper bars are both adjustable and replaceable; I cover the whole process right here – Scraper bar adjusting

Where are the Shear Pins on a Snowblower?


Shear pins, or shear bolts, are located on the auger shaft. They pass through the auger sleeve and couple the auger and shaft together, that is, of course, until they break.

Common shear pin repairs – Lubing and replacement.

You can check out how to replace shear bolts right here – Auger shear pin replacement

Where are the Skid Shoes on a Snowblower?

The Skid shoes are located on either side of the bin and are used to adjust the ride height of the bin. Allowing the bin to scrape the ground wears out the scraper bar; that said, you want the scraper bar as close to the ground as possible – the lower the cleaner, the pass.

Common skid shoe repairs – Adjusting and replacement.

Lower the skid shoes

I cover the process right here – Skid shoe adjusting

Where is the Spark Plug on a Snowblower?

Remove spark plug

Typically, snowblower engine components such as spark plugs can’t be observed without first removing some plastic engine shields like intake covers. As is the case with our example here.

But once the cover is removed, you may remove the plug cap by twisting and pulling the rubber boot, revealing the spark plug.

Common spark plug repairs – Cleaning, gapping, and replacement.

Oily plug

I cover the process right here – Change snowblower spark plug

Where is the Solenoid on a Snowblower?

The solenoid is usually located close to the starter or battery. A solenoid is a small electrical component that acts as a relay, transferring power from the battery to the starter motor as the start key or button is activated.

Snowblower engine components

Common solenoid repairs – Replacement.

Where is the Starter Motor on a Snowblower?

Not all snowblowers have a starter motor, but if fitted, it’s typically located on the side of the engine. Like many components on a snowblower, a shield may conceal it.

Identifying heavy cabling on a component is a sign you have likely found the starter motor.

Snowblower engine components

Common starter motor repairs – Rebuild and replacement.