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Fitting Mower Wheel Video

By: Author John Cunningham. Published: 2020/11/10 at 6:02 pm

Worn-out wheels are common; as the tires lose grip the self-drive becomes less efficient, which means more pushing. Do yourself and your mower a favor; go ahead and replace worn-out wheels. This video walks you through the whole process step by step.

Fitting a mower wheel is easy; it’s a 5 to 10-minute job, but wow, what a difference new rubber makes. Your worn-out mower tires are losing a ton of traction, and your leg muscles have to make up the difference. So, if your mower tires are bald, go ahead and replace them; you’ll be glad you did.

Before working on your mower, be sure to remove the plug wire to prevent accidental starting; see “Repair Safety Video.”

You’ll find useful resources on this page, tips, and links to tools, parts, and supplies required to complete your repair.

Tools & Parts

To nail this procedure, you may need the following tools, parts, and supplies.


This is the first tool on the list for good reason: WD solves a ton of problems. I won’t work without it, because I can’t. Picture links to

Ratchet Tool Set

Before we can do anything, we’ll need tools. I’ve selected this set as I own some Craftsman tools, and while I have worn some out, they did do a lot of work. So, I expect this set will last the occasional user quite a long time. This set carries both metric and standard sockets, and that’s important because some mowers will have both types of fastener sizes. The set includes spark plug sockets. Picture links to

Honda Wheels

Set of four genuine Honda wheels, easy to fit and offer improved traction to worn rear drive wheels. Picture links to

Drill/Screw Gun

I use a DeWalt screw gun (also a drill) in the workshop to speed up the process of removing engine covers, carburetor bolts, Armature bolts, etc. It’s a brushless motor and as tough as nails; I drove over it a few times – still works great! Batteries are interchangeable so if you have a DeWalt product already, you won’t need the battery. Picture links to

Wire Brush Kit

Stainless for heavy-duty and brass for and brass wire brush kit for heavy-duty and finer applications like electrical connections and softer metals. Picture links to