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Mower Solenoid Repair Tools

On this page, you’ll find a list of parts and tools that you may need, depending on which component has failed.

Solenoid failure is common but loose battery terminals or a flat/faulty battery is more common. The solenoid listed here will fit the majority of lawn tractors. I have also listed a carburetor as replacing just a float needle seal often doesn’t work out.

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Battery Charger

This is a clever battery charger, plug it in, attach to your battery, and forget it. After it finishes charging, it trickle charges and it’s safe to leave it on all winter. Picture links to

Oil Extractor

You’ll find this tool really useful if you need to drain the gas tank, and you will if the gas is stale. The siphon will remove it without fuss or mess and it can be used for extracting the oil too. Picture links to

Fuel Line Clamp

Some small engines will have a gas tap, which is really handy when removing the carburetor, stops gas flowing all over the shop. However, most engines won’t have one, these useful clamps simply squeeze the fuel line and prevent a spill while you perform surgery. Picture links to

Tools Set

Before we can do anything, we’ll need tools. I’ve selected this set as I own some Craftsman tools and while I have broken them, they did do a lot of work. So I expect this set will last the occasional user quite a long time. This set carries both metric and standard sockets and that’s important because some mowers will have both types of fastener sizes. Picture links to


Every home needs a Dvom (Digital Volt Ohm Meter). It’s used to check for continuity in lawn mower wiring, and for voltage when there’s a battery fitted. But don’t use this tool to check the spark, that will kill it. I use mine every day. I have the previous model to this and it’s still doing its job. Picture links to

Starter Solenoid

The click sound you hear as you turn the key is very often the fault of the starter solenoids. I replace lots of them, and if you own your tractor long enough you’ll be replacing it too. Fitting is easy, but disconnect the negative battery terminal before fitting. Picture links to


This is a popular carburetor and will fit various Briggs & Stratton engines, but do check carefully the measurements of the openings and the specs. If your Briggs is older it, may not have the electrical fuel solenoid at the bottom, the carburetor will still work, but you’ll need to replace the solenoid for a bolt. Picture links to