Mower Carburettor Types

I’m a mechanic for over twenty years and I see the same symptoms again and again. If any of these sound familiar, it’s likely you’ve got a fuelling issue.

  • Mower won’t start after winter
  • Engine hesitates
  • Mower losses power
  • Engine surging
  • Mower starts and then dies
  • Engine stalls when cutting grass
  • Mower cuts out on a hill 

what's the problem with my Carburettor?

A carburettor is tasked with the job of mixing gas and air to a ratio of 14.7 to 1, known as AFR (Air Fuel Ratio). This ratio is the optimum mix of gas and air. Your mower carburettor may look simple, in fact it’s a finally tuned instrument.

Your carburettor has a brass fuel jet with tiny precise fuel feed holes. If any of these holes get blocked, your engine will hesitate, it does so because it’s not getting enough gas – engine running lean.

This condition apart from begin irritating, is bad for your engine. An engine that runs lean, runs hot. 

Dirt in the carburettor is primarily caused by debris entering through the gas tank and stale gas.

Cleaning around the gas tank before opening it will help keep the crap out. But what most people don’t know is that gas now starts to go stale after one month storage.That means your mower carburettor may well have gum and varnish deposits blocking up the tiny port holes and passageways.

Cleaning should fix the problem, but if it’s too bad, just go ahead and replace it.

Using a gas stabiliser in your fuel over the winter months will prevent this happening again.

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Briggs & Stratton

This is a popular Hooai Carburettor fitted to walk behind mowers with Quantum engines, but check the engine codes listed. This is an Auto choke carburettor.

This carburettor has a fuel feed bolt in the base of the bowl, dirt in the bolt feed hole is a common issue.

Briggs & Stratton

This is an original Briggs carburettor fitted to walk behind mowers. Part # 593261, these guy's are made from plastic and I see lots of issues with them. The jet holes are particularly tiny and block so easily.

Briggs & Stratton

This carburettor is fitted to ride-on lawn mowers, it's a Hooai carburettor fitted to Briggs Intek 14, 17.5 and 18 hp engines.

Comes complete with filter, gas tap, and spare gasket. You feel the love!

Briggs & Stratton

This is a popular carburettor fitted to the classic range of Briggs and Stratton engines. This engine is fitted to many different walk behind lawn mower mower models like, MTD, TORO, Murray, Poulan, Craftsman and many more.

Honda Carburettor

This is a Hooai carburettor fitted to the Honda GCV160 engine only, not the GVC190. It comes with gaskets, plug, filter and fuel line.

Fitting isn't difficult, just a little tedious, take your time and some pictures of where the old gaskets are positioned and their orientation.

Kohler Carburettor

This is a popular carburettor fitted to ride-on mowers with the 15,17,18 and 19HP Kohler engines. This kit includes complete carburettor, fuel filter, plug, oil filter and air filter.

Check your engine codes before ordering.

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