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Snowblower Maintenance Schedule

ServiceEvery Use25 hoursAnnual
Visual inspectionYes
Check engine oilYes
Check drive clutch adjustmentYes
Check auger engagementYes
General greaseYes
Auger transmission lubeYes
Engine oil changeYes
Tire pressure checkYes
Clean engineYes
Check drive beltsYes
Carburetor bowl cleanYes
Replacement spark plugYes
Valve lash check2 Years
Skid shoe adjustmentYes
Scraper bar adjustmentYes

General Greasing Points

Most bearings are greased for life, meaning we don’t need to do anything. That said, there are still some components that require some lube.

Auger Lube

The auger axle needs lube to help prevent rust from building up between the auger and the shaft. It’s a common issue and means your shear bolts can’t do their job.

To lube them, you’ll need to remove the shear bolts, add lube through the Zerk fittings (greasing points) and spin the auger to distribute the grease before refitting the shear bolts.

Some makes may have a greasing point at the impeller also.

Auger Transmission Lube

Snowblower auger gearbox check

Use synthetic severe-duty grease inside the auger gearcase. Fill to the bottom of the fill hole. The lube doesn’t generally need topping up unless you notice gear lube loss around the transmission seals.

You may need to add dope tape to the filler plug threads before refitting (it prevents filler fastener leaks).

Drive System Lube

Remove the belly pan and add a smear of grease to the Hex shaft, drive, and pinion gear.

Drive gear lube
Snowblower Frction Disc

Careful not to add too much – grease on the drive plate or friction disc will cause transmission slip.

Pull the quick-release pins, and remove the wheels.

Snowblower Drive system components
Snowblower Axle-grease

Add some lube to the axles; it helps prevent rust build-up between the wheel and axle.

Maintenance Mode

snow blower resting on bin

When working on your snowblower, remove the start key, turn off the gas valve, and tip the machine onto its bin.

If your gas tank is full place a sheet of plastic underneath to prevent spill.

Cover gas tank with plastic

Remove the wheel quick-release pins and place them in the outer service/maintenance mode position for easy handling.

Don’t forget to place them back in drive mode, or your machine won’t have drive.