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Lawnmower Safety Gear

On this page, you’ll find a list of safety gear that every equipment user really should have. I’m a mechanic for over twenty years, and I’ve learned that there are two types of accidents:

The silly avoidable ones are caused by carelessness. The one in a million type accidents, you know the type, leaves you wondering what the hell just happened? Check out the safety video here.

Both types of accidents are a fact of life. I’ve learned the lesson, it’s better to be prepared. At the very least, wear good quality eye protection. A lawnmower blade tip rotates at over two hundred miles per hour, and although mowers have protective covers to prevent stones flying, I’ve seen them passing right through covers.

Plastic isn’t a suitable material for stone guards, but manufacturers insist on using it.

Damaged mower cover

Flying Stone Damaged Cover

Safety gear I recommend every lawnmower operator should wear to help protect eyes, ears, hands, and lungs.
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DeWalt Eye Protection

The DeWalt glasses are made from tough polycarbonate. They’re lightweight, impact-proof, offer UV protection, and are vented to prevent fogging. For those of us that need glasses, the DeWalt can handle RX inserts. Picture links to

3M Ear Defenders

Lawnmowers can produce over 100 dB which is more than enough to damage your ears. I like the quality of the 3M products, I’ve been using them for years. This set of ear defenders has an NRR of 24 dB (Noise Reduction Rating). The set is Bluetooth connected, so no cables to mess about with, you can seamlessly connect to your phone, listen to music, and take calls as the headset has a built-in mic. Pretty cool! Picture links to

Mechanix Anti-vibe Gloves

Constant vibration can damage the nerves in your hands, It’s known as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and it’s not repairable. Mowers as you know create a lot of vibration which is transmitted through your hands.
I wear Mechanix gloves in the workshop when using air tools, they’re made with thermoplastic padding material that absorbs and dissipates vibration. Picture links to

3M Respirator

I love 3M products, they’re of great quality and I’m confident in their performance as I’ve been using them since forever. The silicone respirator is comfortable and durable. I use it when welding and cleaning old grass and dust from lawn mower decks and engines. I wear glasses in the workshop and anybody that wears glasses and a respirator will know the value of the 3M downward-facing vent. Fogged glasses drive me crazy!!! Picture links to