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Lawn Mower Accessories

This page is dedicated to all things accessories. You don’t need a ton of accessories to take care of your yard, but some tools just make the whole job more enjoyable.

My yard is several acres, I don’t cut all of it, but I do need to cut timber, haul it, clean up hedges and the like. Tools and accessories that make my job a little easier are always welcome. So, I have compiled a list of kit that you may find useful.

I especially like the lawn tractor trailer, I hate hauling hedge clippings in the wheel barrow, it doesn’t help that my yard is really hilly. I don’t care for raking leaves either, so my other favorite is the tractor leaf bag.

Order accessories for tractor and walk behind mowers direct. MTD supply accessories for many brands: Troy-Bilt; Huskee; Yardman; Remington; Bolens; Yard Machines; Cub Cadet and a ton more too. Check out MTD’s easy order parts link below.

MTD Shop Accessories and Attachments Now!

Some of the pictures on this page link to and Troy-Bilt where you can check price and delivery of products. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

The Hi Hitch

I love the Hi-Hitch, its claim to fame is, it’s 2 hitches in one. The higher hitch is perfect for hauling regular size trailers, and the lower hitch for a garden trailer or sweeper.
The higher hitch turns your mower into a handy tool for shunting trailers, or small boats. I use mine to pull an 8 by 4 trailer when I’m handling larger quantities of hedge clippings. This hitch doesn’t include the ball. Picture links to

17 Cu. Ft. Poly Cart

If you own a lawn tractor, you need one of these. Capable of carrying 800 lbs., it rides on 16″ wheels and it tips. The body work is powdered coated for durability and the tipping bed is made from Poly-carbonate. As a mechanic, I like to see grease fittings on wheels, it means it’s designed to last. Pretty cool! Picture links to

TerraKing Leaf Bag

The leaf bag is a huge time saver. I’m convinced, the simple ideas are the best. It’s so simple to use, remove the grass bags from your mower and pull the leaf bag over the top and secure the draw strings – That’s it, your leaf collecting. The bag is made from abrasion resistant woven polyester, with a capacity of 54 cu. ft. Comes in two sizes, a bag opening of 150″ for three bag collection systems and the 120″ for the two bag collection systems. Suitable for zero turn mowers too. Pure genius! Picture links to

Waterproof Mower Cover

Years of repair experience has taught me, mowers that live out side in the rain, live much shorter lives and cost a lot more to maintain. When your investment sits in the rain, moisture gets to work corroding metal components like bearings and causes electrical components to short and fail. A mower should live indoors, and I know that’s not possible for everyone. But a good quality cover will pay for itself many times over. Picture links to


Keeping your kit covered makes a huge difference to the life of your machinery. When a mower sits in the rain, moisture gets into every area of the mower, bearings, fasteners, electrical system, fuel system and moisture is the enemy. The ToughCover is made from Marine grade water proof material. It’s UV and mold resistant. Take from a mechanic with years of experience, this cover will own you nothing. Picture links to

TerraGrips Snow Chains

A tractor without traction is useless. Snow chains however can be harsh on tires and your driveway. The solution is the hybrid chain and rubber cross. They’re made in USA, easy to fit, rust resistant, work great in mud and loose gravel also. They are available so check your tire size before ordering. Picture links to

Toro Lawn Striper

This is a simple and easy to use product aimed at the more particular groundskeeper. It gives the lawn that beautiful stripped look. The roller is attached to the back of a walk behind mower using two screws. The roller will need to be filled with sand to help weigh it down and the sand isn’t supplied. Picture links to

Agri-Fab Sweeper

The adjustable height sweeper can be towed behind any tractor, it’s driven from it’s own wheels at a ratio of 4.5 to 1. She’s a 42″ wipe with 12 cu. ft. capacity. When the hopper is full, the operator selects the dumping location and pulls on the tipping cord from the driving seat. Agri-Fab is a proud American company, and they offer a 3 year warranty with the sweeper.

It will require some assembly, but it’s not very challenging and the nice people at Agri-Fab have an assembly video on their website. Picture links to - Free Shipping on Orders $50 and Over; 250x250