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Chainsaw Maintenance Schedule

The following chart assumes a saw is used daily, which is not how regular folks use saws; still, the chart gives you a flavor of when you need to show her the love.

ServiceEvery UseWeeklyMonthlyAnnual
Air filter cleanYes
Bar deburrYes
Bar chain oil checkYes
Bar chain oil tank cleanoutYes
Bar groove cleanYes
Bar sprocket lubeYes
Bar turnYes
Carburetor cleaningYes
Carburetor gasket replacement2 Years
Chain brake checkYes
Chain catcher checkYes
Chain inspectionYes
Chain tension checkYes
Chain sharpenYes
Clean sawYes
Clutch drum bearing oilYes
Cooling system cleanYes
Fuel filterYes
Fuel leak checkYes
Fuel tank cleanout
Needle bearing lubeYes
Sharpen chainYes
Spark plug gap checkYes
Spark plug replaceYes
Spark arrester cleanYes
Sprocket checkYes
Visual inspectionYes
Vibration mounts checkYes