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Fix Mower Problems Quickly

You’ll gain instant access to guided mower repair videos packed with years of experience, know-how, tips, tricks and hacks, all designed to get you back mowing, quickly.

step by step easy to follow videos

Clear instruction and easy to follow. Video’s are to the point, but you won’t find any jargon or fluff, I promise!

Videos Cost a fraction of repair shop charges

Videos pay for themselves with the first repair and they’re yours forever. In addition, the library is updated and added to at no extra charge, it’s a one time fee.

Never struggle loading your mower again

Lifting and loading and hauling and unloading – What pain in the jacksie!  Say good bye to the annual repair shop pilgrimage.

Never wait for a mower repair again

Tired waiting for your mower to be repaired? Nail your own repairs and maintenance on your time schedule.

Master mechanical freedom

You’ll master common engine repairs confidently and you’ll learn how to apply your new skills to a ton of other small engines, 2 and 4 stroke – Chainsaws, Power washers, Weed eaters, Leaf blowers, Generators etc.

Years Experience
Hey John, the videos worked, I knew nothing about fixing stuff but my mower now runs great.Mary Brady Virginia
Many thanks to you sir, my nearest repair shop is an hour away, the videos saved my time and money.James Bouchard Sask
Bought the videos, got instant access and was back mowing within thirty minutes, they work.Mitch Kiehn

What do I get?

You get lifetime access to the step by step Trouble-shooting, Maintenance and How-to mower repair video library. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Mower won’t start diagnosis & repair (in-depth trouble-shooter video series)
  • Checking spark
  • Checking fuel system
  • Gas shot test
  • Unflooding your mower quickly
  • Briggs & Stratton engine problems
  • Toro won’t start trouble-shooting
  • Honda surging problems
  • Kohler engine problems
  • Replacing pull cord
  • Sharpening mower blade
  • Replacing mower blade
  • Cleaning carburetor bowl
  • Cleaning carburetor
  • Drive system trouble-shooting
  • Complete mower tune-up
  • Winterizing your mower
  • Checking valve lash
  • Checking mower compression
  • Performing a wet test
  • Removing flywheel
  • Replacing shear-key
  • Replacing armature
  • Setting armature air gap
  • Trouble-shooting smoke types
  • Undercoating your mower deck
  • Trouble-shooting surging issues, starting & dying, rough running, lack of power etc.

Do I need Mechanical experience?

Don’t know a wrench from a socket? That’s OK! You’ll easily follow along, I don’t use industry jargon or fluff. I’ll show you how to diagnose and repair your mower, what tools/parts you’ll need, where to get them and how to use them.

What will I need?

In order to get the best results you’ll need the following.

  • Smart phone/iPad – working on your mower while watching the videos will offer the best experience.
  • Bright, ventilated area with a level floor – makes for a safe working environment.
  • Soft kneeling pad – comfort while working is important.
  • Basic tool set – for most repairs simple household tools like wrench’s, screwdrivers, pliers etc. are needed. Some repairs may require specialized tools, if so I’ll provide links and of course show you how to use the tools.

    Who can use these videos?

    • The video’s are designed for beginners
    • Homeowners who like to be independent and save money
    • Experienced DIY’ers, they can skip sections and jump ahead to fill their knowledge gaps
    • Cost and time sensitive small business owners who can’t afford to have small equipment fail
    • Self sufficient remote dwellers

    What happens after I purchase?

    The “Buy Now” button directs you to PayPal. After your purchase you will immediately receive an order confirmation email containing a web address link and a password.

    The link takes you to the video library section of this web site, (

    To unlock the video library, input the password you received when requested, Simple!

    Got Questions?
    Step By Step Videos Fixing Real World Mower Problems


    Toro mower won't start

    No start causes

    Mower white smoke

    Mower blowing white smoke

    Mower won't start

    Mower won't start

    Mower engine surging

    engine surging

    Pull cord fault

    Pull cord faults

    Honda mower surging

    honda surging

    Mower black smoke

    Mower Blowing Black Smoke

    Mower starts then dies

    starts then dies

    Mower self-drive faults

    self drive faults


    Toro mower won't start

    Repair Tools

    Mower starts then dies

    Repair safety


    Mower engine oil check

    engine oil check

    Mower carburetor gas bowl drain

    Draining gas bowl

    Mower engine tune-up

    Mower Engine tune-up

    Mower sharpen blade

    Blade sharpen

    Mower deck sealing

    Deck protection

    Riding mower oil check

    Adding  Gas Stabilizer


    How to tilt mower

    tilt mower over

    Mower gas tap

    Turn gas Tap on/off

    Mower carburetor cleaning

    clean carburetor

    Winterize mower

    winterize mower

    Adjust valves

    adjust mower valves

    Replace mower blade

    Replace mower blade

    Gap mower plug

    gap mower spark plug

    Check mower spark plug

    Check mower spark

    Unflood mower engine

    Clean spark plug

    Fitting mower shear-key

    Fit flywheel shear key

    Fitting mower shear-key

    fit mower wheel

    Unflood mower engine

    unflood engine

    Fitting mower shear-key

    Replace Primer bulb

    Fitting mower shear-key

    Use torque wrench
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